Reigniting my passion for journalism

I have never felt so energized on such little sleep. I learned just how quickly you can turn around a story when you have a team of experts helping you, and I also learned that with some practice, I too can edit audio!

This week completely reignited my passion for journalism, and introduced me to a community of professionals that I want to surround myself with. 

I am inspired by the vision and dedication that all of the staff involved have had to make NPR’s NextGenRadio what it is today, which is (I’ll say it) the best crash-course introduction to digital journalism out there. I am going to be more open to asking people for advice and help, and I will start utilizing this network!

By Kaya Hartley

Kaya Hartley is a student at the University of Utah with a passion for information accessibility, empathy through education, and quality ice cream. She has covered topics ranging from the struggles of LGBTQI+ people living in refugee camps to race-related issues, social equity, community outreach and underserved populations. She aspires to be a freelance journalist with dreams of never being stuck in one place for too long.