Getting to be a part of something extraordinary

This week has been intense, anxiety-inducing and fulfilling. 

To see it come to a close has brought mixed emotions of sadness and accomplishment. With the circulating circumstances of COVID-19, I wasn’t sure how this project would come together with it being the first virtual project. But that is exactly what made it that much more special to me. Being around the amount of talent that helped me through this process was such an amazing opportunity, and I will be forever grateful for it. I gained a network and family I’ve been searching for.

I would have never imagined the amount of work I achieved without the help of my mentor, Carrie Jung, and the many others in the program. This is just the beginning of a new normal for journalism, and I am excited to see the program continue to grow, knowing that I and the other mentees were a part of something extraordinary. 

By Megan Neff

Megan is finishing up her last semester at Salt Lake Community College with a major in communications. She will continue her education at the University of Utah and major in journalism. In the summer of 2019, Megan began writing for Salt Lake Community College’s student newspaper, The Globe, and then became the Globe’s digital engagement editor. In addition to working for the newspaper, Megan is an administrative assistant for an immigration law firm in downtown Salt Lake City. Outside of her professional obligations, she is an attentive rabbit mom, loves trying new foods, and is always looking for new travel destinations.

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