Behind the Scenes

A look at how we put our project together one July week for KUER in Salt Lake City. This marked the first time the NextGenRadio project was held virtually.

Westminster College senior Diana Khosrovi asks questions to Lian Xue, who also goes by Allison, during an audio interview on Monday. Project visual journalist Erica Lee, audio engineer Selena Seay-Reynolds and illustration intern Ard Su observe remotely.
The NextGen project may be remote, but audio engineer Selena Seay-Reynolds and illustrator Yunyi Dai found out they were near in each other in New Jersey and took time to hang out — properly masked, of course.
While some of us work from home, the pets get tired watching us. This is illustrator Yunyi Dai’s cat taking a break.
Mentor Carrie Jung, education reporter for WBUR in Boston, Massachusetts, teaches Salt Lake Community College sophomore Megan Neff how to use Adobe Audition remotely on Tuesday.
Illustrator Yunyi Dai shows us the process behind making one of her illustrations.
Illustrator Yunyi Dai talks about her ideas for Kaya Hartley’s story.